Mind Chair

By the most recent applications of psychophysiology arrives the Mind Chair® developed to make functional to a wider public the modern approach of Biofeedback training.

Biofeedback (or biological feedback) is a learning process in which people learn to improve their health status and their performance by observing, through electronic devices, the signals produced by their body.

The Biofeedback training suggested by Mind Chair® aims at enhancing the mind and body integration feature.


  • Blood volume pulse (BVP): measure of volume blood change at each heartbeat.
  • Heart rate (HR): number of beats per minute (bpm).
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV): natural change in heart rate in response to emotional, cognitive, and physiological factors.
  • Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia (RSA): changes in heart rate in phase with breathing.
  • Skin Conductance Level (SCL): measurement of electrodermal activity, considered the main indicator of psycho-physiological arousal.
  • Muscle tension (EMG): muscle electrical activity.
  • Respiration (RESP): abdominal breathing frequency and width.




Blood volume pulse (BVP); Skin Conductance Level (SCL); Respiration (RESP).

Blood volume pulse (BVP); Skin Conductance Level (SCL).

Muscle tension (EMG).

Muscle tension (EMG).

The purpose of  Mind Chair® is to spread excellent training techniques among ordinary people and athletes who do not have access to technologies, discoveries and the latest teaching methods. Our approach is the same used in a top performer training program whether he is a professional athlete, a successful manager, a renowned surgeon etc. or not.

Mind Chair® is not only a technological tool but also a philosophy of work thought to adopt a powerful technique of self-regulation as Biofeedback in ordinary life.

In the Mind Chair® all training are done with the dual monitor interface, this allows the trainer to follow in real time all the physiological signals detected during the exercise.

From the technical point of view the Mind Chair® is a reclining relaxing  armchair of the latest generation, which is combined with a Hardware and Software system that allows to detect psychophysiological signals such as breathing, heart rate, muscle tension and skin conductance.

The physiological signals are captured by a high capacity electronic control unit (Infiniti ProComp5 encoder) and managed by a software capable of interacting with the person through a PC.

 technology allows the acquisition, visualization and archiving of assessment and training sessions data in real time.

The Mind Chair® is designed as a User-Friendly tool so that the person can also use it autonomously after having used it for few sessions assisted by a trainer.



The athlete, the student, the manager, are trained to achieve optimal performance in all ten Mind Chair® skills:

  1. Heart: management of cardiac frequency and recovery.
  2. Breath: respiratory management and efficiency.
  3. Mind: ability to remain on the task by body-mind  interaction.
  4. Flexibility: ability to move from one exercise to another.
  5. Strength: ability to remain focused on the exercise to be done.
  6. Power: energy that I can put into managing the physiological signals.
  7. Speed: ability to learn the control of individual physiological signals with efficacy.
  8. Coordination: learning to work on more than one physiological signal at the same time.
  9. Agility: lightness with which I can do the training session.
  10. Equilibrium: the way in which the techniques learned are moved from the Mind Chair® to everyday activities.