The Training


Mind Chair® exercises constitute an easy and complete training path with an appealing and effective workout that contributes to increase the efficiency at work, at school, practicing sports, enhancing the mood and improving the general wellness of the person.

During the training session, one hour long, the person is constantly supervised in order to acquire the ability to monitor the physiological parameters and to follow step by step the progress and the improvements.


Mind Chair® system offers several training paths:

BASIC: eight training sessions thought to acquire the control of muscle tension, arousal or activation level, functional breathing, heart rate and heart rate variability.


Purpose: to gain knowledge and awareness of the own physiological functions.

MEDIUM: eight training sessions where you control more than one physiological signal simultaneously and you enhance the management of the physiological response by introducing adverse environmental conditions as audible and visual disturbances.

Purpose: to improve the voluntary control over the physiological functions under pressure.

ELITE: the most advanced training way; eight training sessions composed of a growing number of exercises and an increasing duration of the individual sessions, with the feedback of combined physiological signals.

Purpose: to reinforce the techniques of self-regulation using them in ordinary life.

FREE EXERCISE: individual sessions of different duration, designed to train a specific physiological signal of the person.

Purpose: to get the ability of deciding on which physiological signal working and how long.


In addition to the basic Mind Chair® protocols, the customer can add some protocols designed for specific needs.


After having acquired with the previous training paths  the ability to relax and reduce the physiological arousal, the new challenge is to learn how to activate and deactivate (from the physiological and mental point of view) when required and according to the needs of the moment.


Purpose: to allow the people to improve the ability to self-regulate their psychophysiological status as needed.



The exercises proposed in the training path represent a non-complex way to increase awareness and to discriminate the levels of muscle tension in the different parts of the body, in particular the neck pericranial muscles, involved in the muscle tension headache.

Inside the sessions, is introduced the progressive muscle relaxation technique to discriminate the level of muscle activity in various parts of the body.


Purpose: to acquire customized strategies to manage and reduce muscle stiffness.


Training sessions to gain awareness of the changes that occur inside your body and modulate the psychophysiological responses in relation to the situations you encounter. In this path, the person is actively involved in the assessment of his physiological arousal level with the introduction of specific activities.


Purpose: to achieve a high capacity for stress management that allows a general empowerment of cognitive performance.


For electronic games where the complexity of the performance involves high and long lasting performance, a specific protocol has been created that can be a part of the preparation of the eGames player.

To become a better player, increasing your skills and becoming desirable for the competitive world you need your head and not just only your hands. The path consists of training sessions that allow the player to withstand and manage high stress doses, these can be the muscle tension the activation or the ability to stay focused on the game for a long time.


Purpose: to maintain the skills trained over time; focus, resistance to mental fatigue, stress management in prolonged game.